Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dr. Chako = Dr. Zhivago?

27 Sep 07

I'm running on the treadmill in the gym near the hospital, and Armed Forces Network is showing Dr. Zhivago. It's the original movie version with Omar Sharif. Too much wistful longing for my taste, but it's a decent war movie from a personal standpoint, which I think was Boris Pasternak's intention.

The scene I'm watching shows the Russians opening up the Gatlin gun on a bunch of white-clad "soldiers" running away. The weapon is quite effective and mows them down in no time. Off they go to survey the damage, only to find out it's a bunch of kids they shot up.


My oldest son is ten. He is awesome. Good looking, bright, fun, enthusiastic. He's good at sports and loves to draw. Tonight he told me about his campaign to run for school Secretary. Win or lose, he certainly has spent a lot of time preparing.


Back in the hospital now. I'm looking at an x-ray of feet. They are shot all to hell. But something is different.

It's a kid.

So, I walk down to the Emergency Room to find out what's up. Sure enough, there is a ten year old Iraqi kid looking scared to death. He's got bandages everywhere and our medics and docs are doing their usual outstanding job taking care of him. One of the docs comes over to tell me the rest of the story.

Our soldiers shot him. A lot. They caught him red-handed placing an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).



The Sister said...

Such a tragedy. Kids are sponges for the good and the bad. War sucks.

911siren said...

10 years old. that is a lot of hate to have to deal with. I am trying to imagine the conversation his parents had with him before his bombing expedition. On what planet does a mother tell a 10 year old, 'here is your dinner honey, and for desert, your bomb, now go kill some Americans. We will be so proud of you.'
How can we help a country that is so far gone that their 10 year olds want us dead?

Sister Michele (not a nun)

Hunter said...

Hello My Son,

You painted a stark contrast between your 10-year old son, my grandson, and the 10-year old Iraqi boy who was fired upon for planting some Improvised Explosive Devices. I feel certain that this portrait is only one of many that will be presented by the brushstrokes of your words.

As such, your blog will inevitably touch the people who read it. And for some, if not most, they will be changed. Those who want this war to end at any cost will point to the 10-year old children as folly, wastefulness impracticality, and the hopelessness of war. Those who see the war as pre-emtive, noble, righteous, and winnable, will point to the children as their proof. All of that is human nature and cannot be altered.

My concern is for you, my son. You see, one such incident can shock you. Two can open your eyes. By the time the third, the fourth and the tenth incident occur, you become changed, and how that change affects you is a matter of great concern.

As a doctor, you have been constantly confronted by death. However, in most cases, those deaths are a result of disease or accident. In Iraq, most of those deaths and dismemberments are a result of the purposeful actions of warring men. Being inundated and surrounded by this living Hell, will, unquestionably, affect you. After all, even a 6 or 8 month deployment is more than enough time to absorb all the suffering, and alter the neural pathways in your brain.

All your life, you have been a bright, inquisitive, kind and considerate soul. Additionally, you always had the qualities of stick-to-itiveness, and dedication, along with a desire to help cure your fellow human beings. Consequently, be cautious of the changes that occur within you. The person that you are is far too valuable to the rest of the world.


Joe said...

My son has been in Iraq since last year. Been hit twice with IED's, one of which sent him back to the states for 3 months. He went back to his CAV unit last March.

Ten years old or a hundred years old...they try to kill you...shoot the bastards.

Hope you get home safely Doc.

Otis said...

Thanks for this one, bud. Stay safe over there.

Drizztdj said...

Please stay safe.