Saturday, September 01, 2007

On his way . . .

As DrChako begins the labyrinth of deployment preparation at a far away location, and unable to post regularly, he has given me leave to guest post. Heretofore, I have been a mere snide comment or two in his posting history. Most of the time, I use my commentary to keep him honest, keep him humble, and poke a little fun. Today, I post in seriousness, as I truly love and miss my DrChako. So bear with me . . .

Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm convinced that poker players are an odd lot. Take no offense; being an occasional one myself, and being married to one DrChako, I speak from personal experience. However, in these last few days, as we have prepared to send the good Dr. off to serve in an unpopular war, in an unfriendly country, under the command of a man who has not gained the worldwide support he really needs to make this kind of action successful, I am thoroughly impressed with the support you have shown him through your words. While I know some of you know him more intimately (as some of his precious wages may have made their way into your pockets, at some point in time), a few of you may only know him through his words, and still you send your good wishes. You hearts are in the right place.

I fight a bit of self-pity; after all, I am losing my husband, my lover, my co-parent, and my best friend for a long time, with no certainty as to how frequently I will be able to communicate with him. However, I know spouses who have been without their loved ones for far longer; families for whom this is a second or third tour of duty; families without the support at work, the support of other friends and families, and without the financial resources to find ways to make this easier. So today, I ask not for myself, but for the good Dr. and others:

1. Keep him in your thoughts, as well as all those men and women (you too, Sis) who are just over there doing their jobs to the best of their ability, in a situation that can never match the frustrations, boredom, overtime, under appreciation, or office politics the rest of us endure in our jobs.

2. If you believe in prayer, then I welcome one on DrChako's behalf, in whatever form that comes, and to whichever being you believe watches over good people.

3. If you do not believe in prayer, then believe that on some level, our collective good wishes have to do him and others some good, somehow, so keep them coming.

4. Keep our oldest son in mind; he's been strong beyond belief, for a 10-year old, until last night when he broke down in tears. "I knew this day would come; I just knew it. I kept hoping that something would blow up all the bad people over there, so that Daddy wouldn't have to go!" Today he confessed to a family friend that he knew he was expected to be the man of the house and he wasn't sure how he was going to do that; think of him as he tries to determine if each day he needs to be 10, or 20.

5. Keep our youngest son in mind; he's not sure what this all means, but as we walked to the garage to take his father to the airport, he patted my back and said "Don't cry when Daddy leaves, ok?" When we left the airport, me with tears streaming down my face, he looked me in the eyes and said "If I hug you a lot, will that make you better?" He threw up in the car 3 blocks from the house (he gets carsick sometimes), and as I jumped out to clean things up, in total "mom" mode, my sadness momentarily averted, he cheerfully said "You sound much better now, Mom." He's only 4, but his heart is as big as anyones.

6. Keep in mind the front lines. DrChako is an officer; he'll be afforded conveniences others might not. No one is perfectly safe, but he's not going to be that scared 19 year-old guy who's tasked to go investigate the suspicious-looking package on the side of the road. If you know one of those guys, make sure you send HIM a few decks of cards, magazines, books, . . . anything to make it seem more like home.

7. Keep blogging. I have only met a few of you (alcanthang, drizz, Will Wheaton, DrPauly), but I know how much entertainment value you provide to DrChako, and how he lives vicariously through your escapades when he can't be there in Vegas with you. Keep giving him a little piece of your abnormal "normality"!

Now I'm sure I've got some accounting to do . . . so thanks for your kind words on my husband's behalf, and may your aces in the hole always hold up on the river!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


The Sister said...

Sis (aka The Wife),

As I sit here in the Republic of Korea, reading your blog on behalf of my brother and your dear husband, I was moved to tears as I read your words. Reading the blogs of Dr Chacko and sparing back and forth in comments with both you and him have made me smile, laugh and feel closer to home than I could possibly hope for. Dr Chacko, both of my nephew's, and you my dear sister and friend, are constantly in my thoughts and heart. I love you all very much.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Godspeed Doc,
As for you little Missy... ( I always wanted to say that) Our hearts, prayers and best wishes are with you and now until he is safely back in your arms.

If you can get in touch with me at blog at instanttragedy dot com. I'm sure we can put together some care packages to go to him for him to distribute to his fellow soldiers.

I'd rather have quad ducks, but I'll take good Aces any ole day!

aka (Instant Tragedy)

SirFWALGMan said...

Ha! Now your going to have to post regularly! heh.

Best wishes to everyone serving over in Iraq.. I can not wait until this crazy war is done with for everyones sake.

Sounds like your raising two fine kids keep up the good work.

Joe said...

My son has been in Iraq since July ,06. US Army infantry cav unit, so I know what you are going through to some degree at least. May God bless...

The Wife said...

Thanks for all your comments and warm wishes - we are getting by one day at a time, one homework assignment at a time, one chore at a time . . . I will post on his behalf occasionally to keep you updated.

Joe, God speed your son home (DrChako was with a cav unit when he was enlisted, before becoming an officer).

Thanks to all!

Ignatious said...

best of luck, dr, to you and your family.

KenP said...

I'm impressed with the young man you're raising. Looks like he's got his head screwed on right. It is a trying time for him and all the family. I don't know how a young man could handle it better.

My friend, your parents have raised you well. You've got the right concerns and the right attitude -- which does include some honest fears. The fact you've been able to discuss them is to your credit.

You've looked to Dad for direction at times and that help is going farther away. But, you've obviously made good decisions up to this point. Remember that you aren't expected to be perfect. Also know that you will make good decisions for your years and your parents know that very well! Just stay as ground as you are and it will all work out just fine.

Falstaff said...

We're thinking of you here at Casa de Falstaff. Hopefully this mess will be over soon and all our friends and family members can be back home.