Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Reader

The folks here at Pokerdoctor would like to welcome new reader and long time blogger RG, who posts over at The Sandman Cometh. She's a fellow geek (tattoos, and everything!) who introduced me to the Sandman series a few months ago. She writes with a keen insight into the life of a Psychiatry technologist deployed to Iraq. You folks think I have it tough? Try being out here as a single mom for 17 months while your 9 year old son sits at home. RC is a fun-loving and fiery redhead who often sits quietly doing needlepoint, but will slap the shit out of you if you try to take her cards in Egyptian Rat Screw. It's not every enlisted person that can comfortably fit into a group of officers, but she holds her own (well, at least when she's not having a "blonde-moment." Did you really think all officers were issued a direct line to the Pentagon when we make Major?).

This marks a major departure for everyone's second favorite doctor of poker (we all know who is #1), because I have never told anyone in the military that I own this little slice of the intertubes. I hope my secret is safe with RG. If not, I can always pull rank.


Unknown said...

Nothing to see here people. Move on!

Hopefully you don't have to pull rank.

Glad to hear everything is going great.

Off to read and comment now. It's a moral imperitive.

Come home safe!


The Sandman Cometh said...

1. I may say out loud that I'm a geek, but I wouldn't write it down (I have learned not to write things down). And having a comic book collection does not a geek make.
2. I did not believe that.
3. Second favorite doctor of poker? It's the psychiatrist that's number one right now, over here at least.