Sunday, February 10, 2008

Of Bad Beats and Other Tidings

Last night was our normal poker night, of course. I still have an almost unbeatable lock on player of the year, but if I have another run like last night, I'll give up the game for good. Only the top two places get points in our format. Of the 6 games we played, I was 3rd in five of them. My first three consecutive knock-outs all came when I was holding Presto! The sixth knock out came much earlier and I was almost thankful. I don't think I could have taken another bubble loss.

To make matters worse, I just got off the phone with The Wife. She is playing in a home game that could give G-Vegas a run for their money for the level of talent at the table. She tells me she bubbled in the first tournament, which is impressive considering the level of play. Give 'em hell, honey.

I got to call in during the game. She was in a hand and totally blew me off (kidding). I'm out here fighting the war, dammit! Everyone gave me a shout which was very cool. Too bad it wasn't a Dial-a-Shot, though. I could use a scotch right about now.

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