Monday, February 18, 2008

Tough Night

Of course, I am not allowed to talk about specifics, but we had a tough night in the hospital last night. We got a rush of patients all at once. If you ever saw the HBO special "Baghdad ER" you get the idea. It was ugly, but at the same time I'm really proud of the team. There was efficiency within the chaos. People knew who was in charge and everyone knew their role. Some of the patients died, but they were given the absolute best chance for survival just by coming here. At least one most certainly would have died, but now will be able to live a long productive life.

America, your men and women over here are doing good work. Be proud.


Anonymous said...

There is something very satisfying about maintaining control and doing the best you possibly can in a chaotic situation. I am not there. I don't know what your night was like. But I am monumentally proud of you and the entire team.

BamBam said...

Sounds like pride should shine through like the Sun to me.

Be safe !

Unknown said...

You thrive in Chaos and in Calm.

Way to go Doc!

Almost home my friend!