Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Blogger Guitar

25 Mar 08

I wrote about the Steve Earle guitar, but there was another incredible guitar that I want to tell you more about. Sean (AKA Instant Tragedy) (and perhaps Bayne?) brought this Squier Guitar to the last WPBT event in Vegas and all the degenerate bloggers and poker players signed it. The Wife was there to bring it home.

Thanks to everyone for such a great and profound gesture. I never claimed to be the best guitarist or singer on the planet, but I have a very appreciative audience in my son. Enjoy.


The Bracelet said...


Not the song so much, but rather the cheesy looks back at the camera.

Classic, Doc.


And I should probably mention that the only time my voice has been recorded I had to immediately destroy the evidence.

I had received a voice recorder for work, just in case I needed to record anything after a call like, "Doctor claims he doesn't believe Condylox Gel is as effective as Aldara when treating Genital Warts."

So I felt like I was harmonizing quite well one day, singing along with Jimmy Buffett actually. I figured I'd record it and listen back. Maybe I'd sound semi-decent?

Um, no.

It was so bad that, even though I was alone in my car and nobody could have possible heard it, I was embarrassed to the point of immediate tape destruction.

Later I would still worry that some rainman type guy would be sifting through garbage and find me tape. He'd pull some sort of idiot savant type magic on it and he'd be able to hear.

I've never tried again.

The Bracelet said...

Sorry about going all Popeye on everybody...

"and find me tape"

It happens, and besides, I do have some pretty big forearms.

Gene said...

Crap, I got some pics of the Wife and the Guitar I gotta upload to Flickr.

Oh, the Rooster is in them too. But there isn't much leering. Well, there's some leering, but not a LOT.

Unknown said...

For the Record, it was "My Favorite Male Asian" : RecessRampage (Alan) who contributed to the Guitar purchase.

As for everything else, it was merely my honor to beat up people to make sure that they signed it.

I wish you could have heard the applause from the entire poker room when we talked about your service and then Michelle saying "Shuffle up and Deal"!
That and a $100 6 was worth it to me!

Thanks for the song and the safe journey home. We'll have those shots one day my friend!

Welcome Home!


BWoP said...

It's great to see you back home safe and with your family.

BamBam said...

Nice to see "the Dad" and "The Doc" in the same place.

Very nice indeed.

The Sandman Cometh said...

Totally off subject, but how did you figure out how to post videos? And how do you link to other blogs? I'd clap, mock and laugh along with your video, but I'd still be downloading it by the time I get home.

Unknown said...

Words escape me.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Gene...In NYC we call people like you a RAT...haha! Have fun in the East River...err...can I delete this post?

Also, Chako, if you look close...I think you will take note that the Champion of the Tournament signed that.

DrChako said...

Exactly why it's so valuable...