Monday, March 31, 2008

Real Poker Content!

31 Mar 08

So, I am officially recovered from my post-deployment turmoil, and I decided to get right back into things and play a little poker. For those of you keeping score, here are my stats:

Started playing seriously in 2004
Started winning seriously right away
Slowly crept up in limits from 4/8 to 10/20 and then 20/40 and 30/60
Broke even for a while
Decided to “take a shot” on three separate occasions in Vegas
Decimated the bankroll

If not for a couple bad beats… Yeah, you’ve heard this all before. In fact, if you saw that horrible movie Lucky You, you know the kind of player I am – a “bomber.” It’s the wrong way to play this game. Poker is about bankroll management more than anything else. Seattle John once said that the greatest sin in poker is losing your bankroll. I pretty much lost mine right before I left for Iraq. Perhaps it was a fatalistic thing.

Well, I survived combat. So I guess it’s time to rebuild the bankroll, right? Since my strong suit has always been Limit Hold ‘em and No Limit tournaments, that’s where I decided to start. My results?

AA twice – lost to Q2 and 64
1 bubble and 1 early bust out – both to Ace-rag
No winning session

Granted it’s early, but this is exactly how I left off. It’s a little disheartening. I’m headed to Vegas in two weeks and I was hoping to have some poker money! For those of you that are new here, I never use family money for poker, or if I do, I treat it as a loan and pay it back from my winnings or from my moonlighting.

Now excuse me while I go book another moonlighting trip. Before you go back to your lives, stop on by The Wife and read some great stuff. She got bit by the Blogger Bug and now is constantly thinking about how she can turn her life into a good post. She even thinks about it when she probably shouldn’t be. Go see for yourself.

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