Thursday, March 20, 2008


20 Mar 08

Thanks to everyone who left comments, sent emails and called during these tough times. I felt the love at a time when I needed it most. This community really knows how to come together for someone in need.

I’m going to have a post up in a day or two about my dad. He was everything to me.

For now, please go visit The Wife. As usual she does everything better than me and this includes blogging. The following posts and pics really sum up my whirlwind return from Iraq.

Lessons in Grief


Keep Your Family Close


BamBam said...

Take your time.
We'll be here!

Be "The Doc!"

Anonymous said...

Welcome back home, good to see you at PJs earlier today. How was your first session back? Look forward to seeing you at the Monday Niner!

iamhoff said...

Wish the circumstances were better, but welcome back nonetheless. So sorry to hear about your sucks losing a parent. Thought and prayers are headed your way, from me and I'm quite sure from the rest of the insane-ness that is the poker blogging community. From personal experience, I must say that I've never known a classier, more caring group of degenerates, and I'm proud to play a small role in the doings. Lean on me, on us...we're good at it.