Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog Fodder

July 27, 2008

When I said to The Wife that I just got some good blog fodder, she replied, “Iggy?” My momentary confusion was cleared up when I realized that she heard “Blogfather,” not Blog Fodder. I guess you had to be there.

I hear random snippets of conversation that, when taken out of context, can be rather amusing. The one tonight could remain in context and it would still give you chills.

Two older women were sitting in a booth next to us at Marie Calendars. They were about 60 and 80 and I think they were mother and daughter based on the silly arguments (“Why are you jumping down my throat?!” “I’m not jumping!”). I’d put their combined weight in the over 500 range.

Anyway, daughter hits us with this doozy. “So, in the first of my hallucinations, I was naked and tied up with rosary beads.”

It was at this point I started slapping my ears and shaking violently, in a lame attempt to dislodge the horrible information. It wouldn’t shake loose, so instead, I choose to share it with you.


The NL Wife said...

Good thing I had by back to them and was deafened by the chatter of noisy children . . . I'm having trouble sleeping as it is.

BamBam said...

We really need to work on your "sharing" skills Doc!

As in....



Unknown said...

Sounds like Waffles mother talking to me.

I had to go see pics of my children and puppy dogs to get the evil out.