Monday, July 21, 2008

Ferrari - Part II

I had yet another fantastic day this weekend. It came after a really terrific week of working at a hospital outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. It was great to just be a doctor again. I then made the 5 hour drive to San Antonio listening to XM comedy 150 the whole way. It really made the trip go fast. I met up with my buddies Mike and Scott and had some great wine before crashing for the night. The next morning, Scott and I took off for a Ferrari lunch at Paesanos off of 1604. The food was off the charts, but I only had eyes for the cars.


Unknown said...

Lucky man, all it takes now is ...

Nope, your life is complete, got to drive a ferrari, have the hot wife and great kids.

Pretty damn nice.

Have a safe trip !


Anonymous said...


We missed you by a day. Was that on Saturday or Sunday?