Monday, July 28, 2008

Buddy Rich

By way of apology for my offensive post yesterday, I give you the genius of Buddy Rich.

And if you needed any more reason why Buddy Rich was awesome, check him out on the Muppets (complete with Nordic subtitles):


BamBam said...

Apology accepted.

I didn't have to watch the videos, (but I still did) I've seen them a few dozen times. Hell, I even had Buddy Rich albums back in the day.
(yes! A drummer made albums)

Since you're googling and you tubing your days away, try this Gene Krupa vs. Buddy Rich drum battle.

Also, just to add a little Canadian flair. You might want to check out what April Wine's 70 year old drummer Jerry Mercer does between sets.

Drummers ROCK!

The Sister said...

I was actually jumping up and down in my house yelling HOO AH!!! while I watched. Great stuff!

DrChako said...

Great vids. Krupa was the man in his day, but Buddy just blew him (and everyone else) away.