Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Want to Work for Dr. Chako

August 13, 2008

I’m probably going to get in trouble with The Wife for this post, but who knows? She’s surprised me a few times lately and may actually go for my latest scheme.

I was flipping channels during commercial breaks for the Olympics (BTW – America needs Michael Phelps, discuss amongst yourselves), and I saw an ad for a new show called, “I Want to Work for Diddy.” Faithful readers may remember that I got invited to a private party with Diddy a few years ago. We were hanging.

The idea of a Personal Assistant is interesting. The Wife and I both come from backgrounds where, while not dirt-poor, we didn’t have much. Now that we both make a decent living we have gotten used to certain conveniences. We are on our second Au Pair. The kids spend a little time in before and after school care when they aren’t in school. Debbie cleans our house every Friday (and I challenge anyone to come up with a better housekeeper than Debbie).

During the $5000 mixed hold ‘em coverage on ESPN, they mentioned that one of the 21 year old players had a personal assistant. I wonder what they get paid and what they had to do to get hired. The Wife and I joked a couple of times that a household manager would be a good thing to have. There are tons of little projects that need attention, but we just never seem to get around to them - often times with dire circumstances (i.e. when I started my corporation, I neglected to pay my Federal Excise tax on time and got a nice little penalty for it). I don’t need someone to shadow me around like a celebrity, but having someone on-call to make dinner plans, do filing and make travel arrangements would be useful. And of course, someone would have to set up the limo to the strip clubs when we go to Vegas, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I checked on the Wikipedia page:

The Personal Assistant job is associated with two contradictory images. The first is that it is an easy, fun, and glamorous position, granting access to the friendship and luxurious lifestyle of celebrities and high-powered or wealthy people. The other is that personal assistants are merely unskilled "gofers" who perform menial and degrading tasks.

My PA would definitely need to be okay with the menial and degrading tasks, and the glamorous stuff would be few and far between. The pay would be atrocious (at least compared with Diddy).

Come to think of it, who would possibly want this job?


BWoP said...

Bret Favre might find it to be a better career option than playing for the Jets.

And if you did hire him, The Wife probably wouldn't be heading out on road trips with Betty . . .

(Those two on an open road are surely breaking hearts all along the way.)

Instant Tragedy said...

Sounds perfect for Waffles!

IT ;-)

Von Sister, The Baroness said...

May I remind you that you are actually on your THIRD au pair, not your second. First was in Texas, if I remember correctly...

I would have been perfect for that job. I could have even fixed various dents and scratches in your house like a regular husband-for-hire (a la female), however, how that I am soon to become Baroness Von Sister, I will no longer have to play minion to anyone.

DrChako said...

No doubt you'd be perfect for this job, but there's no way I could pay you what you're worth (especially now that you are a baroness). Of course, you'd probably find a way to make us even more money and therefore pay for yourself many times over...


Anonymous said...

21 y.o card player with a PA? What a douche. Gee Mr. PA, when do I need to show up for the tournament? I need to go punch a 20 something in the nose. Gen Y . . . . why do you exist?

Anyway, if you were going to do something like this, I say, get a household manager. The only painful process would be to initially setup your annual task list. Until then, be cool.

BamBam said...

If I took the job, (don't get all excited! I said IF!) a few things would definately have to change around chateau Chako.

1- I don't do shoes! (red or brown)
2- You have a very nice expensive new watch. Get your own damn self to places on time!
3- Job description change #1: set up and ride in the limo to the strip clubs when we all go to Vegas
4- Job description change #2: from do filing to Arrange for filing to be done.

and finally.....

Where's the "Official Scotch Taste Tester" paragraph? I see no mention of it boss?

I do see potential here though. I write'em, you play'em and sing'em, The Wife can promote'em and Peb's can sell the crap out of'em.