Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Party for The Wife

That's right - The Wife is celebrating the 10 anniversary of her 30th birthday. What better way to honor her than by taking her money!

What: Birthday Party/Poker Tournament
Where: Casa Chako
When: NEXT Saturday (November 22nd) at 7pm
What to Bring: Nothing but a little scratch and a smile. We'll have snacks and booze, but if there is something you like, feel free to bring your own drinks.

RSVP either here, on The Wife's blog, or via email.

See you then!

Edit: If you happened to read this blog when I first posted it, I got the date wrong. The correct date is now listed above.


The NL Wife said...


Never let husband plan parties himself. Given that the guest of honor is traveling for work, I hope you all have fun celebrating without me.

Or you could show up NEXT Saturday, the 22nd, and celebrate with me.

DrChako said...

Corrected. At least I'm trying!!!


MHG said...

In! I couldn't have done the 15th, but the 22nd is wide open.

Dr.: you're lucky this is occurring before the end of our prop bet, because I've still got money in my Full Tilt account!

SirFWALGMan said...

Did you forget the party date or the date she was born? One could get you in trouble. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WIFE! SEXY AS EVER! As I am sure you know.

Matt said...

After hearing such great things from Zeem & Cayne about the last poker game you guys threw, I'd love to finally make it to one. Alas, I've got the dreaded "prior engagements" thing going on again.

One day...