Thursday, November 27, 2008

Obligatory "What am I thankful for" Post

I'm still a little curmudgeonly, but not so much that I can't give out some thanks.
  • Thanks to my kids for putting up with a (sometimes) grumpy Dad.
  • Thanks to the Army. It was a good 22 years.
  • Thanks to incompetent Iraqi insurgents. Despite your best efforts, I still made it home alive.
  • Thanks to the Army for hiring me back as a civilian.
  • Thanks to Psyllium Fiber
  • Thanks to my little sister for taking her dog back. (We still miss Macy-moo)
  • Thanks to my not-a-nun sister for finding a real guy, and giving us all a reason to gather in Florida in a few weeks
  • Thanks to Nana Judy for being a great Nana to the kids. You are every bit their grandma and we love you for it.
  • Thanks to my nanny. Do you really have to get married next year?
  • Thanks to my in-laws. The quiet fortitude of life on a farm is inspiring in so many ways.
  • Thanks to our Issaquah Thanksgiving Family. Deep fried turkey. 'Nuf said.
  • Thanks to you, dear readers. I don't write this blog for you, but it's nice to know you're there and you care enough to occasionally leave comments. Even you, Waffles.
  • Finally, thanks to The Wife. At least I made you cry less this year.*

Joke! (kinda). You know you're the best. I'm thankful to your parents for having the incredible foresight to have you. I'm thankful you grew up on a farm with the values that go along with that. I'm thankful you are the mother of our children. I'm thankful you are a successful business woman. And I'm thankful you put up with me.


Instant Tragedy said...

We're thankful for you sir.

IT/ Sean

The Wife said...

And I'm equally thankful you put up with me.

I know sometimes its hard . . .

Paola 2 said...

Yeah...I really want to marry next year!ahahahah. But that was soooooo sweet! I´m even more thankful for the best hostdad ever!!!!!