Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm Not That Old

After telling an embarrassing story about myself to an old friend, he told me to never tell that story to anyone again. I have a problem keeping my mouth shut if I think it's a good story, even if it reflects poorly on me.

This is one of those stories that I should probably keep to myself.

I was on line to buy tickets to the movies. The family was waiting inside to stay out of the cold. Over my left shoulder I caught a glimpse of medium length red hair surrounding a cute face and shapely figure, at least from what I could tell on a quick over the shoulder glance.

We inched forward and I stole a few more glances. Cuteness confirmed. I guess I glanced one too many times, because she caught me. I gave a quick smile and quickly looked away. I thought she returned the smile, but I'll never know.

I finally made it to the window. As I'm paying for my tickets she comes up to the window next to me and says, "One senior please."

I'm going back to bed. I'm pulling the covers over my head, and I'm not getting up until it's 1987.


SirFWALGMan said...

Can't beat a good gumming Doc!

Bayne_S said...

At least if the condom breaks you are not worried about getting her pregnant.

Unknown said...

Better put down Harrington and read up my new book:

"Killer Bingo: Vol. 3 Advanced Play Through Numbers Divisible By Six"

Shrike said...

Comedy GOLD.


The NL Wife said...

Even I had to laugh at this one . . .

At least the oldest guy I thought was hot on first glance was Vigo Mortenson . . . and he's not a senior.

BTW . . . your verification word is "ductored".

BamBam said...

Maybe I'm not the "OLDER" brother after all?

But if I was....

You have to know my advice would be, to NEVER tell stories like this about yourself..... EVER !!


Anonymous said...

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Lategreatjc said...

Dude! Dude! What are you thinking? I mean come on man! I look to your for inspiration and meaning in life! What are you doing sharing this? You file this under "Do not open even in the case of Death!" BamBam is right NEVEREVER!

OhCaptain said...

It's not just me doing that. Whew! Getting old sucks.

Wolfshead said...

What can I say. It dawned on me that the aging process was catching up to me when I realized that the young, and not so young, mothers in the grocery store held more attraction for me than than all those nubile young things hanging around outside the local high schools and college. Since then I have just gone with the flow and what I find attractive I find attractive, age be damned. Right now I am particularly in no position to be picky. I'm UTG with about 4 BBs left.

Anonymous said...

CTF, you pig vomit, put down your 7-2 offsuit and hit the Viagra bottle, you old fart palooka.

You ain't about shit and have no game. I can check my top pair to the river and get an extra $15 out of your fat ass!!!! :) Just kidding.

Hey man you never called my chick man, how come???

Let me know how life is treating you.