Thursday, January 01, 2009


Resolutions - How mundane.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to talk about a growing problem - my waistline. When I got back from Iraq in March, I was the most fit I've ever been in my entire life (and that includes both marathons I ran in 1989 and 2003). I even posted a picture of my new cut abs. Well, those abs are gone again. I'm not as heavy as I was before I left for the war, but I'm getting there.

This morning I got on the scale at 172.
When I got back from Iraq I was 154.

My plan is to get to 165 in 3 months. That's a little over 2 pounds a month. I've done it before. In fact, I've lost even more than that, so I feel this is attainable. To start things off, I went for a run this morning - in the freezing rain. It felt pretty good, to be honest. I got some great flashbacks from when I trained for the Paris marathon. Back then I was running every morning at 4 am. In the winter. In Germany.

This is gonna be cake. Well, maybe soy cake. Or tofu. You get the point.

Anyone wanna come along with me?


The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

I would LOVE not to be the beluga whale I currently am before our sister's wedding. But that only gives me 16 days to loose 54 pounds. I'll give it a shot, though!

Shrike said...

I can't go running with you, but I'll gladly do a weight loss bet. I need to lose 8 to 10 kilos.