Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Bits

Two bits of info to ponder. Or not. I'm not the boss of you.

1. I saw I licence plate today that said:


As if that wasn't enough, the license plate holder had it spelled out, just in case you didn't get the puzzle. It was on a Jaguar. I didn't get a look at the driver. It's probably a good thing.

2. It's been a long while since I pimped anyone. Here is a quick excerpt from Dr. Pauly as if you needed a reminder why he's the best in the business:

"I watched women's luge the other day and all I could think about is how the hell can I bet on it?"

Finally, head on over to BamBam and shout your encouragement into his comments. I'm mighty proud of what they're trying to do up in Bedrock.

That's all for now.


BamBam said...

You want commitment Mr.?

I'll train and I'll train and I'll damn well get it right!

I will drink and not smoke and drink some more without a puff, until I have perfected making Scotch NOT = smoke!

That's how committed I am !


Thanks for the 3 thoughts. They have been taken to heart and are being used as motivational tools.

Anonymous said...

When is your birthday again?

It isn't a Ferrari but it is quite a 'family sedan' suitable for such a license plate.

DrChako said...

Birthday is coming up in April. The Fisker would be such a lovely present.


Anonymous said...

Point out to the wife it will do 50 miles off the house's electricity. That'd be $6 or better each drive to work. She'll surely get if for you to prove how loving, frugal, and green she is.

Of course there would be a bit of extra wait for the convertible (S) but you could get by with the salon for a while. I know that would be a bit of a sacrifice but that should endear you even more to The Wife.

Really don't see how she could turn down such an opportunity.