Sunday, February 01, 2009

Short Break from Cars

Part II of Cars should come tomorrow or the next day. For now I have three shorts that may or may not be related.

1. A paper grocery bag has been sitting at the end of my driveway for about a week. I've ignored it until today. When I opened it, I found two Ziploc baggies filled with white powder. I left it right where I found it, and after a short powwow with The Wife, I called 911.

2. Michael Phelps' halo has come crashing around his neck, potentially costing him millions. Dude, I've seen the picture. That could have been anyone! Did you have to come out and admit it was you right away?! Plausible deniability. C'mon man. Your sin is choosing your friends poorly.

3. The latest issue of Truckin' is out. Go. Read.

Any similarity between these three drug-related items is probably coincidental.

1 comment:

The NL Wife said...

Do you wonder, a little, if there is some old lady in our neighborhood right now calling her friend . . . "Betty? Yes, it's Alice. Say, I stopped by the mailboxes . . . I thought you were going to leave me a couple ziploc bags filled with baking powder in an unmarked brown paper bag? I did check. I'm telling you Alice, it wasn't there. How am I going to bake cupcakes now?"