Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Demetrai was on a heater. We were playing 4/8 at the Muckleshoot while I was waiting on a seat in the stupid 3/5 spread game. Other than a huge suckout on the first hand when I made my straight on the river against his trips, he had my number. I had Aces; he stayed with K3 and flopped trips. I flopped a set; he rivered a straight. The worst was when I had Ac-8c. Four of us see a flop of 9-9-9. I don't like it, but I imagine no one else does. It checks to me and I take a stab. Demetrai raises from the button. Okay, he's got a small pocket pair for the full house. Easy muck for me. One non-believer takes him to the river where he shows his FLOPPED QUADS.

Yes folks, not only was he on a heater, but he was a moron as well. Who the hell raises quads on the flop? (Demetrai, that's who).

Well, I was feeling lucky too. Sure enough, two hands later and I raise from the BB with JJ. The flop is 8h-9h-Jc. I don't like my top set with this draw-happy table so I bet out. 4 callers and I get a turn of Js. I bet out again hoping no one believes and sure enough they all call. Unfortunately the river does not fill any straights or flushes, so when I bet out, no one calls. Fine by me because not only do I win a big pot, but there were 2 minutes left on the high hand (previously owned by Demetrai). $250, thankyouverymuch.

But it's not over. Two hands later and I raise with Ks-10d. The flop is Q-10-10. The turn? Another 10. Believe it or not, but my second quads in 6 minutes was good for the next hour's high hand. Another $250 in the pocket.

Now I get called to the 3/5 game. I half thought I should go home (I hear The Wife screaming YES!), but it was early. I proceed to lose a big pot on a stupid hand. Two hands later I pick up AA. I raise to $20 and an honest producer calls me. He was an absolute ATM and by the end of the night, he donated over $1000 to that game.

Anyway, the flop is K-6-5. I bet out $50 and hope he has AK. Sure enough, he raises to $120. I go over the top for all I have left and he insta-calls with his flopped set of 6s.

River? Ace of crubs.

That's right, baby. Even I can hit a two-outer now and then. From there I didn't look back and ran over the table, causing (or at least contributing) to it's eventual break up.

Variance is definately on my side these days. Let's hope it lasts a little longer. This is fun.


Sean D said...

For a second there, I thought you had a "choices" Type story going on.

Then I read on to find out it was a choices type o story.

Nice choice!


BWoP said...

Ace of crubs is the prettiest ace AND the prettiest crub.

Nice job :-)

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