Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pic Dump

"May you live in interesting times." - Chinese Curse (more here on Wikipedia)

Life has been pretty topsy turvy lately (as an aside, how come we don't use "turvy" in every day speech. Work on that). Here is just a little of what I've been up to:

Despite my boycott of MLB (going strong since 1994), the chance to see Dr. Pauly and the lovely Change 100 was too much. Please enjoy this rare shot of me at an actual major league baseball game. I half thought I'd spend the entire time with my back to the game in protest, but the seats weren't amenable. I also thought about purchasing time on the jumbotron with a note saying that I'm still waiting for my apology for 1994, but that would mean more $$ for baseball, and that ain't gonna happen.
We had amazing seats in the Terrace area down the 1st baseline courtesy of the great Brandon Schaefer. It was cool meeting you, dude. I hope to read more of your travels as you search for the elusive 8th continent.
Not only did I get to hang with some of my favorite bloggers, but another semi-blogger happened to be working the stats that night. Here, Dr. Pauly is telling Zeem where to find the bathroom. Or maybe not. Too bad SeattleJohn couldn't make it out. Next time.

Last Thursday, I packed the whole family (dog included) into the van and drove 14 hours straight to Palo Alto, CA. We got there just in time for the moving van to arrive and dump all my stuff in our new bedroom. The place is amazing. Thanks again, honey. You done good.

Of course, we had to do some touristy stuff and took everyone down to see the harbor seals. They didn't disappoint, although the highlight for me was driving along Highway 17. I can't wait to do it in the convertible.


PrinceofHouston said...

Or better yet, the convertible Ferrari?

BamBam said...

I have to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, it's a little scary how much we are alike. You and I have come up with several reasons, but this is a combination of a bunch of them.

~I used to say "turvy" all the time but when I discovered curvy, "turvy" seemed to get left behind. :p

~I have also boycotted since "the event" that left the fans hanging and basically said EF you to those that made it possible to pay the bills.

~our bedrooms are practically identical. (no guitar in mine)

And just last week I was down at the 'other' Ocean, checking in on the Seals like a tourist.

Brudders for life or what?