Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prepare for the Ice Age!

Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.
- Lane Olinghouse

Many of you already get the quote of the day on your Google frontpage, so you've already seen this one. It very appropriate for most (if not all) of my readers, especially those of you who are already dreaming of Vegas (just a few months away!).

Things here have been good, all things considered. On the bad side, we are losing our Au Pair due to some very unfortunate personal circumstances on her end. We've been so lucky with our three Au Pairs. I hope our next one is just as good. The Wife just got off the phone with a young French girl who's current family is demanding a rematch (meaning they are firing her). I'm a little nervous about that history, but we're pretty easy going. Unless she beats the kids*, she'll probably do fine.

We flew our oldest son's best friend down to California as a birthday present. It's been awesome so far. Our oldest had school yesterday, so instead of having his buddy just sit around the house all day, I took him with me to the golf course. I showed him the finer points of carrying my bag, and voila, I had a caddy! I had to help him a few times ("Dr. Chako, why is my head pounding?"), but he did great. I even paid him for his efforts, much to the consternation of my son. Maybe he'll be so jealous that I'll have a permanent caddy from now on. Why else have kids?

I shot an 88, but at one point I had 5 pars in 6 holes. This was only my second round of the year, so I'm pretty happy about that. Had one drive of 280 yards and 4 legit chances at birdie puts. Bring on Vegas!

*Beats them more than me.


Katitude said... dad always said he had kids for the garden weeding and to fetch beer as necessary. Oh, and to fix the antenna rotor back in the days before cable.

Shrike said...

My grandfather taught me to pour him beer traveling at 100km/hr in his motorhome.


KenP said...

OMG, the bag is bigger than the kid.

The uncropped picture make it look like he's behind and struggling to keep up. It may show up as the color version replacing the b&w prints of children in textile plants. The not-for-profit literature on child exploitation is dated.

You are lucky a child welfare outfit isn't after you. At least he's not a lesser animal or you have PETA on your back and not even be able to get life or car insurance.

PrinceofHouston said...

I thought we had kids so someone would mow the lawn?
I have a few years to wait for my son (4) to be old enough.

BWoP said...

Do you pay kids better than Nike?

genomeboy said...

for real, an au pair friend of my au pair is in transition (in NJ). She's a nice girl in a crappy family. email me if you are a cultural care family...and interested. CK knows my email...