Friday, September 04, 2009

What Would You Do - The Reveal

I love strategy posts like this one because, 1. it let's me see how ya'll think right before we go to Vegas, and 2. I actually know the outcome of this hand.

For those who need a little catching up, start here. I feel like I gave you enough information to arrive at a decision.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I didn't to anything too hasty. That's a big leak in my game. In this case, I deliberately replayed the hand in my head. Yes, he pre-flop raised. Yes, he's been very tight. No, I had not seen him get out of line in the 2+ hours we played together.

I actually asked him, "Will you show me if I fold?" I seriously have no idea what information I'm supposed to get from this question. I see pros ask occasionally (heck, Lee Jones asked the same of me after a PLO8 hand), but I'm not sure if it helps me make a decision here. Does anyone else use this tool?

In any case, he said that no, he would not show me. In the end, I heard Doyle Brunson ask me, "Is this where you want to get in all your chips?"

I mucked.

I really enjoyed the analysis from everyone who commented. I got responses of insta-muck, raise all-in and even call.

Well, guess what? He actually did show me his hand. He flopped a set of aces. Yay me!

In the end, though, it doesn't matter. That's results oriented poker. The decision was sound, and like MHG said, if he showed me AK, I'd still be happy with my decision. As for BLAARGH, it sounds like you won the hand you described (with your set of 3s), so I'm a bit confused. PoH, I can't help you. Drizz, MHG, Shawn and BadBlood, I want you on my left. Shrike and Hoy, I want you on my right. PoH and BLAARGH, I want you anywhere at my table. :-)


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Just keep me far enough away from Shrike that I can't hear the bad beat stories.

Fun post, I'll take some more please.

BWoP said...

Can I be at your table?

DrChako said...



Shrike said...

Last couple of times we played together, Doc, I took all your money. I'll sit at your right anytime! ;)


BLAARGH! said...

aaaackkk! TYPO!

He had AA - same as your guy. The way they both played out it was easy to spot, but I got it in anyway... tough to fold trips on a board like that when just about any donk at 25NL would also shove with AK/AQ (and some with A-anything, idiotic bluff, KK and a host of other weird shit). Myabe live I could have spotted a tell, but online I don't get that extra info... just gotta go with the odds.

As for being at your table.... HAH! Why if you think you'd be getting my $$... well, probably you would. Drat.

BLAARGH! said...

... and as just a bit more on playing hands like this... in both of our situations, we could easily have folded pf... I'm not about to call with a crappy hand, hit it as hard as humanly possible, then throw it away - it'd be better not to have played it in the first place, and ends up being an exploitable leak if you're playing against better opponents. Bottom 2 pr is a little weaker, and not as likely to hold up by the river, so I don't mind a fold as much.

Unknown said...

We'll get an O8 game going Doc and you can sit to the right of me and CK.

Sound good? :)