Friday, October 23, 2009

Batshit Crazy

Poker content: I played last night. Lost $20. Watched a drunk suckout-artist run up $1000. At 4/8 LHE. I need another break. What the hell am I doing playing 4/8 LHE anyway?!

Life content: This morning on my way to breakfast, I encountered one of the IT techs in the hallway. He's normally a little quirky, but today was different. Today he was talking to people that weren't there. He kept asking, "Why is it so quiet?" It would get louder. Then he'd twitch. At one point he recognized me and smiled sheepishly. Then he started singing. I had a feeling the singing was a feeble attempt at trying to mask the fact that he was acting crazy. See, I wasn't talking to myself. I was just singing this song. Not crazy at all. Move along. Here's the weird thing - I've done that.

I bet you've done that, too.


BamBam said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about!


That was YOU talking..... right?



Riggstad said...

I called myself a f@$!king A-hole one time while walking through the halls.

the chic walking past thought I was talking to her.

She told me to go eff myself.

We've been married 14 years :)

bastinptc said...

Maybe without the twitch...

We all hear the voices. The degree of credence given is the key.

TenMile said...

Off poker, better than some cars.