Sunday, October 11, 2009

Define the Problem

(Editors Note: This is how I decide to spend my 700th post?)

Actual conversation I had with The Wife this morning:

Dr. Chako: Ahh! I threw out my back in the middle of the night!

The Wife: You should try my stretching exercise where I lay on the ground and lift weights.

Dr. Chako: That won't work! I need a small Asian woman to walk on my back.

The Wife: Well, we don't happen to have any small Asian women just walking around the house.

Dr. Chako: And that's been the problem with our marriage from the beginning, if you ask me.

The Wife: ...

So yes, I get to spend my son's 7th birthday and the day of my 700th post limping around like and old man and gasping in pain whenever I look down. This does not bode well for golf. Or my ability to attract small Asian women for that matter.


BWoP said...

Pick me pick me pick me!

lightning36 said...

Just shop for small Asian women the way you would for a Ferrari: How's the front? Flawless? What about the rear? Been ridden hard? Take a listen -- does she purr?

KenP said...

If he shops for small Asian women like he shops for a Ferrari, well... they might as well enter a nunnery.

BamBam said...

After a Thanksgiving weekend here where I helped build yet another deck, trimmed every tree on the property back, cleaned out the gutters AND knocked a thousand or so other things off my "honey-do" list, trust me when I say I feel your pain brudder.

But happy 700!

PrinceofHouston said...

You are lucky your back is the only hurting after that comment.

Dawn Summers said...

hahahahahahhahaha and dude if CK walks on your back, you MUST POST VIDEO.

Anonymous said...

I agree with PrinceofHouston.

That comment about Asian women probably would have gotten me SHOT by my Romance Novel writing wife.

After shooting me, she would have written a best-selling novel incorporating my demise to pay for the defense lawyer.