Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dr. Chako's Mastodon Weekend

Here there were many, many words. Fawning praise. Drunken revelry. General lunacy. Then Otis had to go do his thing and render it all meaningless. Or meaningful. One of those.

Go read what he wrote. It's all you really need to know.

For my part, it was all worth it. Any chance I get to associate with this strange, eclectic group of friends is time well spent. Now enjoy some pics.

One of my favorite pics from the weekend. This terrible twosome was to my immediate right at the final table. Collusion!

A look at the scorecard from our fantastic round of golf. Notice that the girls had an incredible rush, winning 4 holes in a row. Thanks to my partner, we squeaked out a half with his killer putt on 18.

I may or may not have been staring at CK's butt during this shot. And every shot, actually. Dammit, the only reason I played golf over frolf was because she promised to wear a skirt and tights. Who could resist?!

Bad Blood strikes a pose after winning a T-shirt from the great folks at Bustout Poker. Thanks again for the swag and overlay. If you ever need a team physician, give me a call.

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BadBlood said...

Glad you could make it Doc. You and the wife are always welcome in these here parts.