Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New Motto

I read Scott Adams blog via Google reader. His post from today was funny because it's similar to discussions The Wife and I have. Even though we were both in the same place, we often have very different views on the event. He also talks about being a little nuts and hopefully fitting in, which lead to the final quote from his article. It's now my new motto (See above. For RSS readers, you may have to click through).

Speaking of The Wife, she's in Brazil (Or Chile. Or Argentina - it's hard to keep up some times. It's some place that's shaking a little). She's there on business and yes, she's traveling in style once again. I'm just hoping she gets back safe. I don't want to go to Mastodon Weekend with any guilt.*

*but I'd still go


Katitude said...

TY - I cannot believe I was not following him! D'oh!

And the motto works the other way around, ie. your delusions have utility and your compulsions are benign.

Have fun in Mastodon - I'm hoping for a Dial a Shot or five!

Shawn said...

So what does that mean for someone who has delusions of grandeur and complusions for gambling?

I guess they'd better hope they were a poker player.

Sean D said...

Have a great time anyway...

She loves you enough to let ya go!