Monday, May 03, 2010

BBT5 Thoughts

I intended to make a big post here with lots of links to all the great players I virtually sat with, but I'm too lazy. I'm really just posting to say a couple things:

1. Big thanks to Al Can't Hang. Free money = infinite return on investment, and I had a blast to boot.
2. Sorry if I sucked out on you. You know who you are.

The most memorable was against Dawn Summers when I went runner runner two pair. I bet on all streets. Not sure why she didn't raise the turn, because she obviously had a hand. I felt a little durty, but I'll take it.

At one point I had over 60K in chips. Red shirt pro and awesome author Jim McManus was in 2nd with 28K. I felt like a poker god, and even got Al to christen me Dr. "Runner Runner" Chako. My favorite part was semi-bluffing the turn on the lovely CK with nothing but an ace and a gut shot straight draw. I played very aggressive early then slowed way down. When I tried to pick it back up, I lost a huge pot to Daddy when his K10 bested my K9. Not sure why I wanted to get my money in there, other than the fact that my bully behavior was working well up to that point.

I got to the final table and nothing more. I was bested (by one!) by Josie who was trying to juggle playing with interviews. It's tough being famous - get used to it. I had a great time and hope to do it again soon. Big props to the winners of the TOC (April and NYRambler, I think), and thanks for all the rails - especially to the super sexy Kat. Your purring didn't have the effect of calming me down, but it did have an effect.


TripJax said...

I can say I helped a fellow brogger to a final table. I was right and wrong with our hand last night. Ah well. Good playin' with ya as always my friend...

Josie said...

Doc shout-out FTW!

Um, but I noticed I'm not on your blog roll!!!! Very un-cool. I'm tapping my heel right now....this needs to be fixed.

Great playing with you btw.

Katitude said...


That is all.