Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day of Awesome - Epilogue

At the risk of this becoming one of those travelog photo albums that you torture relatives with, I'll keep this brief. Here are some of the pics that I didn't have a chance to post from yesterday. If you need to catch up, start here.

How did we get an overnights worth of luggage in the Ferrari, you ask? Well, back in 1988, they still thought you might need room for golf clubs, so they made this little cubby behind the engine. It worked perfectly (after we found a duffel bag that would fit sideways). The alternative is buying luggage specifically made for the Ferrari 328. It exists! I saw a set on eBay for $2000.

The beautiful Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay.

Our lovely travel photographer hard at work.


At the restaurant, they really went out of their way to make up happy. If you are a chocolate person (like me), the candies inside this box were all hand made and all incredible. And all gone.

As we ate dinner in the amazing Navio restaurant (I erroneously called it Novia on my last post), the sun was setting. Well, every night at this hotel, a bag piper plays the sun down. It was quite romantic (even for bagpipes) and it was a really nice touch. EDIT: If you click on the pic and magnify it, you can see the piper.

I wasn't kidding. They really covered our bed in rose petals. I'm sure The Wife will have better pics up soon, because she has a real camera with a flash. I just have my phone.

At check out, I noticed this hot chick so I had to take a pic. I hope The Wife doesn't mind. :-)

Thanks for coming along on my Day of Awesome. Now I have to figure out how to top it for our 20th. I should start planning now. Nah. I'll just call Betty (she's the one who made the suggestion).


The NL Wife said...

No baby - I love that my ass is front and center in that last pic. Nice. Good thing you're far away . . . and that I didn't see you doing it.

The NL Wife said...

In fact the way the light hits it, it looks like a glowing heart shaped ass.

BLAARGH! said...

Congrats you two!

Next year you should think about Big Sur... Post Ranch makes HMB look like a ghetto. (ha - not really - your suite looked sweet, I love half moon) I got married in Big Sur, and have been back many times. You can't go wrong with a pool on the edge of a cliff, and your own private treehouse.

DrChako said...

Actually, we did Big Sur a few months ago including a trip to the Hearst Castle. I agree - it was amazing. My friends stayed at the Tickle Pink Inn. We were right next door at the Highland Inn and the views were incredible. I'll have to check out Post Ranch.