Friday, January 20, 2006

78 thru 101

With great fanfare and eager anticipation, I give you the final installment of 101 things about me. As promised, I've included a picture of my kids at the bottom.

78. Science Fantasy is my favorite genre.
79. I have read nearly everything by Stephen King and Piers Anthony.
80. As I am typing this, my three year old son came into the room with his shirt over his head yelling, “I am the ghost of Hanukkah!!”
81. I played video games nearly every day as a child, and eventually worked in an arcade.
82. I once played a video game for 13 hours straight.
83. It was the only time in my life I had hallucinations.
84. My favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride.
85. Dr. Chako is a childhood nickname. I used to wash dishes in an Italian restaurant and the immigrant workers called me Chako. One day, they asked me if I planned on washing dishes my whole life. I told them I was going to be a doctor someday. As a joke, they started calling me Dr. Chako, as in, “Hey, Dr. Chako. Go clean up the vomit by the cash register.”
86. I ended up working with a physician actually named Dr. Chacko. She was my boss.
87. She never found out about my nickname.
88. The first blog I ever read was The Drudge Report. I rarely check it anymore.
89. The first poker blog I read was Dr. Pauly. It’s still the first blog I read every day.
90. I am obsessive about my hobbies.
91. My hobbies have been video games, Dungeons & Dragons, running, racquetball, golf and poker.
92. Now that I play poker, all of my other hobbies have been sorely neglected.
93. I will play in the WSOP.
94. I absolutely cannot wait for the next WBPT.
95. My wife is a winning poker player.
96. My wife consistently scores higher than me on IQ tests.
97. Those last two items may be related.
98. My wife is a CPA.
99. I have not written a check or paid a bill in over 3 years.
100. I married up.
101. I have thought of at least four things that I cannot put on this list. My wife knows about all of them.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how we did it, but we hit the genetic lottery with those two cuties, didn't we?

DrChako said...

Hell yeah.

Anonymous said...

Going back to your previous entry, #73 I believe, I seem to recall very vividly a time or two when you came home after parties with your friends and it was painfully obvious that you had not, in fact, dumped out your beer when no one was looking. :)

Anonymous said...

And about # 53...I clicked. I read. I remembered. I cried.