Monday, March 13, 2006


13 MAR 06

I love themes. Last nights theme was almost rhythmic:

AA – flopped the set – cracked by runner runner flush.
KK – Ace hit the flop. One test bet gets raised and called. I folded, of course. Showdown was A3 vs A2. Nice.
QQ – Cracked by 92 off-suit. Nothing new there.
JJ – Cracked by AA. He flopped the set. How come his hold up when mine don’t?


This isn’t a bad beat story. It’s a theme.

The theme being, I suck. Ta frikkin’ da.


iamhoff said...

Ta frikkin' da. Gotta remember that. So will this week continue with the TT, 99, 88, etc., or will it cycle back to AKs and so on down the road?

Tuco said...

Hey man,

Playin .50/1.00, get 99, raise to $4, this dude reraised to $7, reraise to $11, all-in at $17, I call, $7 dude calls, $11 dude calls . . . flopped a J-9-2, all-in, the $7 dude calls (who was kicking my ass) turn is 2, river is 9. AHHHHHH finally, a stupid call pays off!!! Dig it man, see you in a few days.