Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Trickery

25 APR 06

In my ever expanding bag of tricks, I came up with this one on the spot.

I’m in the Big Blind. There are 4 callers and I get to see a free flop with 96 off-suit. The flop comes 345, giving me the open ender. One early bet gets called by all five of us. The turn is a nine giving me top pair. There is one bet and one raise. I reraise and 4 of us see the river, which is a 2. Sweet.

But wait, there’s more.

Everyone checks to me. Huh? Okay – watch this…

I flip over my 9 and say, “I’ve got top pair. I’m betting it.”

The first Ace-holder raises. The second Ace-holder calls. I reraise, and at this point, the caller knows he’s beat, but the first ace-holder hasn’t got the memo.

He reraises.

Moron ace-holder #2 calls again and I cap it.

Devin (the dealer) gives me a look and says, “Turn over your 6.” I’m happy to comply. The expression on my two new best friends was priceless.


Matt Silverthorn said...

Haha, awesome! I wish you could do things like this in online poker.

iamhoff said...

Holy crap! Hawesome! You are an evil evil person! Matt's right, if you could do this online it would rule!

Maigrey said...

careful careful though - unless you're heads up some (most?) cardrooms can call your hand dead...

I generally save these tricks for headsup play :D

DrChako said...

It's a good point. At my local casino (The Muckleshoot), you can expose your cards in a live game, but your hand is dead in a tournament. In fact, I've exposed my cards only two or three times, and every time, someone at the table asks if my hand is now dead. The dealer (and floor) always back me up.