Friday, April 28, 2006

That’s Not a Knife…

28 APR 06

I’ve always wanted to quote Crocodile Dundee.

While waiting for my 10/20 seat, I wasted time at the 4/8 game (again). I remember reading something from Phil Gordon about sucking out. His point was that good players rarely suck out (but are often sucked-out on) because they usually get their money in with the best hand.

Well I did some serious sucking yesterday.

In actuality, there was a reason for my madness, but I’m sure it didn’t seem that way to Hat Boy.

Hat Boy came in with his cool pull-down Pac Northwest hat and bought in for $60. Sniff – is that dinner, I smell? He calls in early position. I’m one to his left and I call with 8 7.

The flop is A 10 6, all hearts. I don’t have any hearts. I just have a weak gutshot. Hat Boy checks, I bet and he raises. Huh?

The raise here says, “Please don’t suck out. I’ve got a hand, but I have no hearts.” At this point, I think I can get him off the hand. I call, and see a blank card on the turn. He bets. I raise. He reraises. Now I put him on a set. The right move here is to call, but he’s really nervous, so I cap it. He calls, and we see a heart on the river.

The 9 of hearts.

He slaps his hand on the table, and checks. I quickly bet, thinking he’ll fold. He calls and shows his flopped set of 6’s. I say, “Oooh. This is gonna hurt,” and I show him my hand – the suckout straight on the river. No hearts for him either, so I drag the pot. In fairness, I really thought he'd fold. Wasn't it Ross Perot who talked about that "giant sucking sound?"

One other hand of note. Dark Sunglasses boy (don’t you just love these guys), raises from the button. When an Ace falls on the flop, it’s checked around to him. He bets, everyone folds and he shows his 10 6 for the bluff.

Nice one, sir!

That hand set up this play. It’s a “full kill” (8/16) two hands later, and I call in early position. Sunglasses Boy raises to $16. I call and we see a flop of 9 10 J. I check, he bets and I call. The turn is a Queen. Now I bet right out. He raises and I reraise. He just calls and we see the river – King. No flush.

Now, there is a straight on the board. I bet right out and smile at him through his dark sunglasses. He thinks a long time before mucking his board straight.

I lay my pair of threes down right in front of him – face up.

Now THAT’s a bluff.


Seattlejohn said...

That's not a bluff. You can't bluff a complete idiot. Not calling the last river bet with a striaght on the board and all that money in the pot is flat out just dumb ass stupid poker. That is what is called a gift, or a misread hand.

You must be running really well. Keep up the good work. SJ

iamhoff said...

Remind me never to play at the same table with you. You are the wind beneath my wings!

Hunter said...

You found an interesting way to hurt your opponent. However, Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee would have simply hit that boy on the top of his head with the blunt end of his knife.
Hunter Silvastorm