Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reflections on 100 Posts

20 APR 06

One hundred posts. Sheesh!! Recently, Pauly took a break after 1176 posts. I can’t imagine another thousand of these, but I sure am having fun with it for now.

First off – thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogsphere. For whatever reason, you decided to spend a little of your day visiting me, and I appreciate it. An Extra Thanks to my top referrers:

To celebrate my 100th post, I decided to figure out how to use Sitemeter. Check this out:

Google searches that brought people to my blog:
Nguyen interview with Scotty" – This search was from the site, which is from Hungary. I’ve also had visitors from Sweden, the UK and Finland.

320 pound 7' 4" woman Holland” – this one is strangely legit. See here

costa rican supermodel” – Yeah, baby!

anatomical locations behind back of knee” – another legit search. See #46 here

hunter silvastorm” – someone searched for author-extraordinaire Hunter and found me instead – sweet!

A Canadian searched for “flawless poker win every time” and came to my site.

And finally, my favorite (note – this entire thing was pasted into the search window)
An Australian sheep farmer was puzzled at the disappearance of sheep on his farm. After a few weeks of sheep disappearing the farmer decided to put up an electric fence

So, if you ever want to find out about Huge Dutch Women, Costa Rican Supermodels, Great Authors or Disappearing Sheep, look no further than your friendly neighborhood poker playing doctor. It’s what I live for.


Seattlejohn said...

Hey, I would like to figure out how to use sitemeter? Where is it and how do you use it. SJ

Lady Falcon said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. Sorry to hear you had a similar situation. God bless.

Lady F.