Monday, April 10, 2006


10 APR 06

My buddy broke his 10/20 cherry yesterday at the Muckleshoot. It was cool to witness. I just wrote about my first experience at 10/20, and I’m guessing his experience is going to stay with him for a long time.

I watched him nearly double his $500 buy in with some solid play and a few good hands. There was one hand where he had KQ. He flopped his queen and turned his king, only to run into a set of queens. It happens, but he was still way up for the night.

I had to leave for dinner, so I didn’t witness the rest. About 2 hours later, I get a call.

“Dude. I raised under the gun with AK. The big blind is the only caller. The flop is 777…”

You know the rest of this story. Big blind had 7 2 off suit for the flopped quads, and, as they say, “tilt happened.”

He actually lost only part of his buy in for the night. As I reviewed a few key hands with him, I realized he made good decisions and didn’t play scared (which was my big problem when I started). He’s good enough to play at this level. We’ll see if he ever ventures back into the mid-level games.

Final thought: The Muckleshoot – where, if you dream it, your cards will come.

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