Friday, June 23, 2006


23 JUN 06

Dave is one of the floor personnel at the Muckleshoot. He’s always professional and friendly. A couple days ago, I finally got my seat in the 10/20 game while waiting for the 20/40 to open up. Dave comes over to me and asks to talk to me for a second. It turns out that they were opening up the 20/40 game, but I was the odd-man out. Unfortunately, most of my 10/20 game would be headed over to the 20/40, and I would be left to find a 4/8 game. Would that be okay?

Sure Dave. No problem.

I’ve said this before, but I try to be friendly to everyone. Working in a poker room opens you up to tons of abuse, and I won’t be a part of it. Felicia often talks about it. I was quite taken aback by the fact that he even asked me.

I was even more taken aback by what happened next. Right after I get my 4/8 seat, Dave comes over with 2 free comp VIP tickets to Ozzfest at the White River Amphitheater for June 29th (next week). He even gave me the VIP parking pass.


I was truly speechless. I never asked for anything, and there it was. Dave, let me say again – Thanks! You are a helluva guy.

Unfortunately, I can’t go to the concert. I suppose I could sell the two tickets, but that seems disingenuous. I might give them away at work, but is there anyone out there who will be in the South Seattle area next week that might be interested?

If there is a lot of interest, I might turn this into a contest. Let’s see who can come up with the most outrageous (non-monetary) offer.

So, who wants to go to Ozzfest?


Felicia :) said...

I have heard good things about Seattle cardrooms. Someday I'll make it up there.

DrChako said...

I have to admit that I’m feeling very hip right now. Other than when I got a comment from Dr. Pauly on this here blog, this is the closest to blogger royalty I’ve ever been.

Thanks Felicia for stopping by!!


skitch said...

Dude, I have a metalhead friend who would love OzzFest tix... I owe him too, so this would be a good payoff. :)

I'm not in a very creative mood nowadays, so I have no outrageous offer ideas. But if you have no other takers, don't let them go to waste....

skitch said...

I just saw your comment about killing the PJ's NL game. Now I think I definitely deserve those tix as a referral fee! :)

bmcc said...

hey i am going to the concert and last time i used this site for directions:

It helped me avoid traffic.

DrChako said...

FYI - I gave away the tickets tonight. I'll have a full post about this experience in the next two days!!