Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daniel’s Broiler!

30 AUG 07

I really hadn’t intended on posting another blog until I got to Iraq, but this is way too cool. To celebrate my last good meal, my wife and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant in Washington – Daniel’s Broiler. It sits on the southern tip of Lake Union and has incredible views of enormous boats and beautiful homes. The food is always outstanding and their wine selection can’t be beat. I had a Red Diamond Cabernet and my wife had an Argentinean wine called a Malbeck (Malback?). It reminder her of a cab without the oak and it left a slight aftertaste that hinted of candy. Amazing.

Before the meal we sat at the bar. I had a Manhattan and my wife had a fruity drink with cranberry, pineapple and vanilla vodka. The piano player was out of this world. I requested Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and he knocked it out of the park.

The meal. Wow. Filet and lobster tail with asparagus and mushrooms. The mashed potatoes by themselves were worth the trip. Then came the first surprise – champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate. We didn’t request desert, but it was really nice. I told them when I made the reservation that is was a special night.

Surprise #2 blew me away. We met with the manager, who knew that this was where I chose to have my last meal before leaving for Iraq. He thanked me for my service to our country in words and deeds.

“On the house.”


That’s right – the whole thing was free. It was his way of thanking me and I was speechless. We overtipped our waiter, the piano player and the valet, of course. I just want to say a hearty THANK YOU to the folks at Daniel’s Broiler. Go there if you are ever in town.


Hunter said...

Your experience at "Daniel's Broiler" sounded wonderful. Having been to this restaurant as your guest, I can certainly attest to the marvelous food, fine wine, exemplary service, and perfect ambiance. On occasion, we all look forward to gifts. However, when a gift comes at an unexpected time, and from an unexpected quarter, the sweetness of that gift is greatly enhanced. Although the manager should be commended for his thoughtfulness, he should also be lauded for his patriotism and timing.

On another note, I'm glad to hear that you arranged these last weeks to spend quality time with your family before embarking on this next adventure. From my own point of view, even though there were times when raising you was a distinct challenge, for the most part, it was a pleasure. All that being said, there were all those times that my job demanded that I fly off to a different part of the country. On most of those occasions, I was gone for a week. I remember finding it difficult to be away from you and your sisters. Since then, the world has continued to spin, and the clock has continued to chime away the time. And today, you are saying goodbye to your family. I was only gone a week at a time, while you will be gone for 8 months. Furthermore, all I had to watch out for was the falling sales graphs. You, on the other hand, have to watch out for falling and flying shrapnel!

So, my advice is as follows: do not volunteer. Keep your head down, and most important, keep the memories of your family at the forefront of your mind, and keep those memories vivid and sharp. It worked to shorten my time away from you and your sisters, and I know that it will work to shorten the time away from your own family.

All my love, and all my wishes for a safe and healthy return,

Wheezy said...

Hey Doc,

Just wanted to drop a line in here, no doubt too late to catch you before you leave. I didn't catch that you were heading to "the Iraq" in time to comment. Hopefully you get this at some point, though I'm guessing you won't be sitting around a computer with nothing to do out there.

Take care of yourself and be safe. Hopefully your tour will go quickly enough for you to be back in time for some Vegas blogger fun in the near future.

Bobby Bracelet

Amy C said...

Hey Doc,

I've been thinking of you as the summer days waned. What a lovely night you and your wife had. And if I'm ever out that way, Daniel's Broiler will make my list.

Like everyone else, my thoughts are with you. And while it might not be Daniel's, I'll definitely pick up the tab at the Salt Lick BB at Red Rock on your return.

Be Well