Saturday, March 08, 2008

Goodbye Steve Earle

Bittersweet. It hurts to leave this guitar behind. It gave me much joy and kept me sane throughout my deployment. It sat in my lap during tons of late night lessons in the ER, Open Mike Nights and of course when I was lonely.

Brad, once again let me reiterate that this was one helluva great gesture. Danny, our new orthopedic surgeon, is exactly the right guy to carry this guitar through the next six months.


Anonymous said...

Wow, bro. I know you have been working out alot, but did you STOP eating? Wow.

Betty Underground said...

What a fantastic legacy to leave behind.

I might join the USO... there are some good looking docs over there!

Doc Danny, it hurts when I do this. I am sure I pulled my orthopedic.

Get home safe Doc Chako!

BamBam said...

The look on both of your faces say's it all! It' in the right hands. Great job!

Be safe !

pokertart said...

travel safe!

Otis said...

Doc...glad to see you're coming home. Tell Danny to enjoy the guit-fiddle and pass it on. Or, better yet, bring it home with the rest of the troops.