Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back in the Saddle

After some prodding from teh community, I'm back playing online poker. I forgot how much I love this game...


See you at the tables.

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Kathy Whigham said...

Hi Sir,
This comment has nothing to do with this current message. I came across your blog while googling camp cropper. I'm a new pediatrician at womack who is set to go to cropper in 3 weeks. Your site has provided me a lot of insight on what to expect. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your deployment. The biggest question I have is how you kept in contact with your family. Were you able to bring a cell phone or did you have to use the AT&T phones with phone cards? Was your laptop connection wireless? What do you suggest wearing on your feet when it is muddy outside and you have to go back/forth to showers? How long did it take for mail to arrive? These are some of the random questions I have. I'm going to cropper as a replacement by myself so I have only been provided with orders and told to report to ft. benning on 1Nov. Otherwise I have not been given any direction. Some of my friends who are currently deployed have given me suggestions but state that each base has different capabilities and set ups. If you wouldn't mind helping me out I would greatly appreciate. If it helps, my husband and I are avid lovers of poker (we also play on fulltiltpoker). I mostly use my yahoo email ( but if you feel safer using a military account you can email to ( Thanks for reading this message.
Kathy Whigham