Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home Game!

Folks, this weren't no casual little gathering. The Wife never does anything half-assed. She put together a spread that would make you think we were playing a $1000 minimum cash-game. There was lox and bread and salmon spread and chips and olives and beer and OY! It just didn't stop. On top of this we had some excellent wine and we finally cracked open a bottle of Polish vodka that she actually picked up on a shopping trip to Poland. It was quite tasty.

We played two SNGs. Of course, The Wife cashed in both. I was out early in both so I was the designated dealer most of the night. And not a single tip, dammit! Can't someone throw me a toke every now and then...

The best hand of the night was when two people were betting into The Wife when it was obvious to me that she had a monster. I hunkered down lest someone get a read from me about the strength of her hand. In retrospect, that was silly. If they didn't pick up on her SCREAMING tells, they certainly weren't looking for any help from me.

We had an awesome line up with a great mix of beginners and pros, including one beginner who actually works at the hospital with me.

We had:
The lovely Wife
The lovely Betty (not Underground)
The lovely Laura
The lovely Shawni (sans Skitch - last post from 2006!)
Your Hero

I was going to post a few interesting hands, but it doesn't really matter. I had more fun last night playing poker than I have had in a long time.

Let's hope it becomes a regular thing.


Zeem said...

I really enjoyed the evening. Thanks for inviting me. I will try to make a trip to Bottleworks if another game is in the works.

BWoP said...

If I knew you were going to have lox, I would have made the trip from Vegas :-)