Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lottery Tag

Help, I've been tagged. Dammit, IT, you know I can't resist these things!
  1. First of all, I've already won the lottery. Seriously - have you seen my wife? How about my kids? And my Brazilian Au Pair? Sheesh! Oh yeah, and this new job is flat out ridiculous. I love what I do and I get 15 weeks of vacation. Tell me I didn't win. Go on - I dare you.
  2. But, if I won a lot more, I suppose there would be more that I'd do for humanity. I think what humanity needs the most right now is for me to have a Ferrari.
  3. After indulging my selfish side, I suppose a tiny pang of guilt might make me do stuff for others. In all seriousness, I can claim a free pass on the whole charity thing. I'm a doctor for crying out loud! All I do all day is help others. But, in the interest of helping even more, the first thing I'd do is pay whatever it takes to get my in-laws out of debt and off the farm. No one works harder than my father-in-law, yet he never complains. The small-time American farmer is a dying breed and worthy of all our respect.
  4. I'd also pay whatever was necessary for all members of my family to be debt free and on the road to financial freedom.
  5. I'd finance a production for my cousin Jarel. He's a struggling actor in NYC and he just found out his sweet gig on Ellis Island is coming to a close. He's got more talent than you can imagine, and like me, he loves what he does.
  6. Just one time, I'd play at Table 1 in the Bellagio. If I won, I'd play just once more.
  7. I'd buy into a 1/2 game at the Venetian for $10,000 and I'd play at least 3 events per year in the WSOP (but not the Main Event. I guess I might try to satellite into it, but I'd rather pay the $50,000 into the HORSE event than pay for the crap shoot that the main event has become).
  8. I'd fly Michelle to Barcelona. I might even ask to come along, but it's not critical.
  9. I'd take another vacation to northern Italy and go hiking through Switzerland with my buddy Josh. The poorly named "Moistman Tours" is the best travel agency you never heard of.
  10. I'd have a reunion of all my Iraq buddies (even though that may be a little stressful right now. But who gives a shit? I love these people.).
  11. I would fund The Wife's online poker account with $100,000. She would turn it into a million or my name ain't Dr. Chako.
That's it. No great solutions for world peace. No huge charitable stuff like the Boys and Girls Clubs (although I'd probably do that, too). Just a good time with a little off the top and the rest in investments so I could live the good life even more than I'm already doing.

If you are reading this and haven't been tagged, consider yourself tagged.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Doctors "helping" people might be stretching it a little.. ok ok.. maybe you are altruistic but a good portion of people are in it for the money I think. Ehh Mr. 15 months off??? heh.