Sunday, October 05, 2008

Get Your Drink On

After playing late night poker, I sometime have trouble falling asleep. It really doesn't matter if I've done well or played poorly. Tonight I played poorly (as in, why did I bet the river when the flush obviously got there?).

On a recommendation from the in flight magazine (I think it was the October issue of Hemisphere on United, or maybe it was the Robb Report), I picked up a Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban.

Up until now, my favorite Single Malt Scotch has been Macallan 18. I think I may have found a new favorite. And at less than 1/2 the price (a lot less - it was $59 for the bottle), it's a helluva deal.

If you like scotch (and I'm thinking of you, BamBam), give it a shot.


The Bracelet said...

I have never been able to really enjoy scotch because of the peaty and mossy characteristics of most. That being said, I've had the chance to try Glendronach and really liked their sherry cask (If I remember correctly) and also I think it was their 25 year that I liked.

I used to sell them, among others, and it pained me that I couldn't develop a taste for them like I had for bourbons and cognacs.

Anyways, if you ever get a chance those are my recommendations. If you like having the taste of scotch in your throat for days, tasting it every time you belch, you may want to drink Laphroiag. Shit is powerful.

DrChako said...
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DrChako said...

I finished a bottle of Laphroiag 16 right before I left for Iraq. The Wife wouldn't even let me in the bedroom until the smell got off my breath. I can't see getting another bottle anytime soon, but it was an interesting experience.

I'll give the Glendronach a try.


Easycure said...

My favorite is the Balvenie Doublewood (12 year). It's about $50 a bottle as well. Has a smooth finish that the Mrs. will love. In fact, it should have a new slogan:

If it's smooth enough for the Mrs., it's smooth enough for The Bracelet.

Oh, and if I've recommended it before, I do apologize. When the topic of scotch comes up, I always espouse the Balvenie.

BamBam said...


ANOTHER Scotch to try!
When will it ever end??????


BamBam said...

Uh .... good Sir!

This discerning palet would like to call foul on the "new" bottle of Scotch!

I believe it to be a re-branded version of the original Glenmorangie’s Portwood Finish!

Now having said that, I did previously partake in said libation and enjoyed it! Nothing at all wrong with said Scotch! Just a sneaky way to get it in my cabinet!
(for all 2-3 days it may hang out there!)


And you know me! I like and actually admire sneaky!