Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In preparation for my three-legged flight to the debauchery that has come to be known as Mastodon weekend, I am trying to prepare my MP3 player. I have a Sansa (Sandisk) m200 series, and it sucks. That's what I get for cheaping-out and not getting an iPod like everyone else. I used it in Iraq, but it took hours to get music on and off it. I eventually figured it out, but now I can't remember how I did it. My biggest problem is that I have two playlists on the player that are huge. I want to delete them, but Windows Media Player won't let me.

I tried searching for a solution on wikibooks. They have 10 different "solutions," at least two of which are labeled, "This is the easiest way." Then I read stuff like this:

create an extended m3u (EXTM3U) playlist file using Windows Media 9

...and my eyes get all blurry.

Here is where I need your help. Either tell me an easy way to fix this using simple words that I can understand, or tell me to get an iPod.



BadBlood said...

This is the easiest way:

Get an iPod.

Unknown said...

I suggest...

... getting an iPod.

iTunes is much easier then going thru and finding the exact file ripper you need for those files then actually using it correctly so it doesn't erase everything.

Riggstad said...

A man who contemplates the purchase of the worlds best, most awesomeust driving machine goes cheap on an mp3 player?

hmmmm... I'm hoping it's because you were in Iraq and expected it to get all sandy and shit.

Get an Ipod. They rock.

BamBam said...

Thou shalt ipod'eth thyneself and therfore chuck'eth thee sandisk'eth of doom.

Once thyne ipod rock'eth, thou shalt hold the tune within each playlist, as thou shalt command over a weapon of brain-mass destruction.

Only then shall ye come to the realization that indeed, you were suggesting that coconuts migrate, rather than focussing on the average wing speed of the sparrow itself.

You are now wiser..... and welcome.


Anonymous said...

And get a Mac and junk the PC.

Of course from here on out it is only Micky D's and a Big Mac with an Apple pie.

You might stop by Best Buy and see quite a collection of players not approved by the above with a lot of features/$.

911siren said...

Give me a call bro. I can walk you through the steps. 1) Get in the car. 2) Drive to Best Buy. 3) Go in. 4)...Well here is where it gets a little fuzzy...

John G. Hartness said...

It's not really necessary for me to chime in here, is it? There are two people in my household and we average two ipods per person.