Friday, March 20, 2009

Have a Toke and a Smile

I played another session of 8/16 today. This time I didn't give back the profit and nearly quadrupled up.

The only negative to the session was one dealer who was really just going through the motions. Whenever I win a pot, I always toss the dealer a toke - usually just one chip, but on big pots I'll go two. On rare occasions, I've tossed a red bird, but usually only if the pot is over $500. I know - I'm cheap. But, if you're gonna beat the rake, every little bit helps.

Well, of all the tips I give in my daily life (and I consider myself a reasonable tipper), I usually expect something in return. Dealers really don't do anything to help me win a specific pot, but I know they do more than just sling cards. They keep the action moving and referee when necessary. I appreciate it, and it's how I justify the toke.

Well, when I flipped this dealer a chip, she didn't even blink. She just put it in her tip box and shuffled the deck for the next deal. Not so much as a smile or a nod. Not even the old "bang the chip loudly on the box" trick. Nothing. It pissed me off.

The next pot I won, I put a single chip on my winning hand and slid it toward the dealer. As she reached for it, I casually took the chip off the cards and put it back in my stack. No toke for you! Well, it seemed like she didn't even notice. I was hoping for a reaction. Something. Anything.

Nope. Nada.

So, the next pot I won (did I mention it was a good session) was a really big one. I'd feel like an ass if I didn't tip something. So this time, I said to her, "If I tip you, will you at least give me a smile?"

Well, that was all she needed to come out of her shell. She smiled at me and was all smiles for the rest of her down. Her tips (not just from me) reflected it, I think.

If there are any dealers out there that read this, keep this in mind. Please don't take my tokes for granted. It will be better for you in the long run.


Riggstad said...

I am one of those over tippers I think. When I am playing the $1/$2 tables with friends I almost always tip a red bird if the pot is over $50. I'm only playing for fun at those levels so it doesn't matter to me that I am giving away 10% of the win.

I don't know why I do it. I just do. The dealer doesn't have to show me anything for it. I don't expect them to. But I have on occasion given the big goose egg when the dealer is a douche.

I remember one game when 5 people limped into a pot. The flop came and everyone checked. As they checked the dealer was saying and pounding his fist with each player, "chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken."

I wasn't in the hand but it pissed me off a little. The next hand I won I tossed a quarter I pulled out of my pocket, and said Chicken.

For me, dealers have a lot of influence on the enjoyment of the game. Whether it goes unnoticed or not.

F-Train said...

I standardize my tokes. If I win a pot, I toke $1. That's any pot - whether it's 10 big bets, 20 big bets, or just the blinds. Every once in a while when I win a super-huge pot, I'll tip $2.

The way I see it, the dealer is doing exactly what you said -- moving the action along, refereeing, etc. -- and the size of the pot that I win has no real influence on that. That holds true both for the big pots and the small ones.

BTW, how come you and I have never played LHE together?

Anonymous said...

You should have tipped the dealer twice...
one for dealing you the winning cards
the second for smiling.

WSOP Floor Supe said...

Nothing and I mean nothing pisses me off more than a dealer that does not at least look at you and say thank you for each and every tip.

It is easy, takes no effort and brings reward ten fold. I have done this when Helmuth called me a M-FER and stiffed me in the big game and when Joe nobody cheered when he won a $10 2/4 pot and tossed me a $1.

When I am delaing, I DO NOT expect a tip/toke every hand and would gladly take $1 per hand at any level, 1/2 to the big game. Actually strike that, let me deal 4/8 anid 8/16 LHE all day long, I'll be happier and make more $$. The bigger the game, the worse the tokes.

You were right to not tip this uncaring dealer.

CoolDog1029 said...

Where is the 8-16 game around Seattle? I have a friend who is looking for limit games in washington. Thanks!

BamBam said...

The tip is just that, IMHO.

You know how I feel about it, be it a bartender or dealer!

I work hard for my coin, and I love to share it with those that make my ride on this old rock a little better.

Snub me, I snub you.
Make it a joy, I gladly share.

Tip = reward for actions making an event enjoyable for the customer. NEVER does it say anything about profitable!

You want the worst tip possible?
Try expecting it!

The Sandman Cometh said...

And here I thought this would be a post about marijuana.