Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mookie? Me? Seriously?

That's right folks - I played my first Mookie. Didn't do 1/2 bad finishing 25th. I played super tight and lasted through the 2nd break. Alas, I ran into Aces, which is an honorable way to go.

I wouldn't have played at all if it weren't for the urging of my brudder. Thanks for the push. . . and the PUSH. I'll take a last-longer with you anytime. As promised, drinks are on me next time we get together.


Shrike said...

Heh, super-tight for you equals loose-aggressive for most anyone else.

That hand you were asking about ... I had KcQd for the second-nut flush on this board: [Ad Jd 8d Td] [9s].

Later, when you seemingly flopped trip tens, I had pocket kings and drew into a spade flush: [Ts 6s Td 9s] [7s].


BamBam said...

Sorry I couldn't give you more of a challenge brudder! I just wasn't having a good time anymore. Life's too short to put up with the invisible tough guys for more than an hour.

I do hope that you managed to have a little fun though!

Good news is your next mookie buy-in, is already covered!