Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?!

This is yet another story that I should probably keep to myself, but I'm putting it out there in the hopes that you'll read this, think I'm a huge donkey, and give me your money at the tables.

I've been running bad. I've tightened up my game, but recently I've had a string of bad beats in large pots. It seems like someone will always turn a set when I have top pair or top two. And it's always with an underpair. Pocket 9's are the death of me. To make matters worse, I've had three sets cracked with ridiculous hands - the worst was a set of Aces cracked by Q-8, when the guy just called my river bet when he had the nuts.

So today, I look down at pocket queens in early position and come in for a raise. The small blind and big blind call and we see a flop of Qh-9h-4d. Top set! Okay, how am I going to lose this one?

I bet out and get raised by the small blind. Big blind calls and I three bet. The small blind has been raising draws regardless of position, so I don't want to see another heart. Both just call.

Turn - 3h. Of course.

Small blind checks, but I think I see a little drool at the corner of his mouth. Big blind checks and I check too. The old me bets here, but I'm just tired of getting my ass kicked.

River - another F***in' heart.

Now the small blind bets out. Big blind folds, and I turn over my stupid top set and show everyone how bad I'm running. But, for whatever reason, I convinced myself that he could have two pair. It's reasonable, right? So, with the cards almost in the muck, I toss in one big bet. Suddenly there is a big commotion. Huh? Small blind turns over the nut flush, but the dealer is yelling something at the floor.

"High hand! Queens full of 4s!"

That's right folks. The bad beats had blinded me to the fact that the board paired. All I saw were 4 hearts.

Not only did that reluctant bet win me a big pot, but Queens-full was good enough for 2nd place in the high-hand race. It would have been 1st, but someone else got a royal flush.



DOPES 2 said...

Uhhhh, I could see myself doing the exact same thing. As a matter of fact, I think I have n a no-limit game.

I like this post not because I am a hater, but this is exactly how I would have told a similar story, "another mother f&#%in heart!!!!" Or just insert any other suit.

Be cool.

BWoP said...


I didn't need to read this to know that you're a donkey.

But you really do need to stop shoving into me when I'm holding the nuts.

Congrats on almost having DQBB!

StB said...

You have to call with the Q high flush with the size of that pot.

KenP said...

Had you won the pot, your table mates would have said, "Great Call!" Had it been on the WPT Mike would have wax poetic on your lifetime of learning. The movie of you life may have reused "A Man for All Season."

But, you lost, ya schmuck.

DrChako said...

My write up must really suck.

I WON that pot with Queens full, which was also good enough for the high hand - another $200 in my pocket.