Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shut Up! - The Reveal?

Sometimes you have to heed the advice of your lawyer.
Every time I ignore lawyers, I get in trouble.
"Asshole," as a label, fits both Seat 5 and Seat 7
Therefore, it doesn't really matter which one I was. I was wrong.

7 or five. Both deserve the title of "Loser." I am ashamed.


DOPES 2 said...


The Wife said...

# 5 needs to learn to shut his mouth and not be an ass.

#7 needs to learn to use his words. And remember, at the end of the day, its just a game.

Be ashamed.

Then get over yourself and do some good husbandly things.

PS - I'm so glad I'm a woman. Chicks don't do those asshole-y kind of things.

MHG said...

Wife: I'll give you a back massage if you re-create Doc's poker scene, but instead of men, all of the poker players are women. What changes?

Needs to be a narrative.

Heather said...

I call hitting below the belt. BOO.

But I love the wife's comments.

Ken P said...

Seeing that you recognize that it isn't 7 or 5's finest moment, how about a better reveal? You should be proud. I watch zero reality tv but your novella has me hooked.

I do have a copy revision for the comment:"Chicks don't do those asshole-y kind of things."...And, should it happen it is a hormonal imbalance and guys fault anyway.

And then there's always the lovely, "He called me a slut; clock him Bubba."

The fact though is that any of us, and mixing genders a bit too, could be a version of 5 or 7 on occasion. When I made my case for 7, I recognized that. I can recall a company meeting and there was this loud pipsqueak from Texas (typecasting?) there -- loud and insecure. At 6'5" I got selected. He was always invading my space -- getting too close and being a total ass. At the bar, he went a step beyond and was nudging me and not backing off. I turned around and grabbed him by the front and lifted him off his feet. I'll never forget the brass buttons on his vest. The pressure sent them flying around the room like bullets. That's as close as I've ever come to aggression in my entire life. But, I am unrepentant too and likely telling this to solicit [guy thing according to u no who] respect for an outlier.

P.S. Contrary to some opinion, 7 seemed quite articulate and that was a lot of the basis for my selection.

BadBlood said...

I've been an asshole before. It's not fun when you realize it because you can't take it back or undo it.

But you can recognize it and apologize and not do it again and get over it and go have sex to make everyone feel better.

BamBam said...

Just another in the long list of things, we find ourselves having in common brudder.

I'm proud of you for telling this story.

WAY betterer than all the hot old chicks you've been checking out.


SirFWALGMan said...

haha you bad ass. I am totally surprised. You seem so cool and level headed over the internet. haha. I like how the Wife was like "Well he could be 5 or 7 because he does those things sometimes" hehe. Nice fun posts anyways. It is just a game. Chill.

Instant Tragedy said...

"Legal Reasons?"

Shmegal Seasons.

Look, the more I look at it, I could see 7 but it doesn't matter. Doc doesn't want to say because "The Wife" will ground him faster than Waffles getting excited about being single again.

You're ashamed, we know, but we're your friends... Either way we'll still love ya!

Have fun


Shrike said...

I'm surprised I didn't get a call at the time ... oh wait, you didn't get detained.


DrChako said...

Believe me, I thought of you when the guards were approaching.


F-Train said...

You were probably multi-accounting. You were both Seat 5 and Seat 7.

The Wife said...

F-Train's is the best - multi-accounting in live poker . . .


BWoP said...

I see punishment coming in the form of a tall slinky Wife in Jimmy Choos carrying a riding crop.

Shrike said...

Punishment = reward?


KajaPoker said...

Pretty obv doc was 5 and wife was 7.

The Sandman Cometh said...

Oh god, now I see it. I don't play poker, so I don't understand any of the macho posturing,


DrChako said...

Surely that's a coincidence...

But if anyone was going to discover that, it would be you.


PS. Poker isn't necessary as an excuse to create macho posturing, but it certainly gets the adrenaline pumping. My story has inspired others to share theirs. Check out this one:

Ryan Kirk said...

So did your lawyer say that I couldn't tell them which seat you were in? I saw the whole thing happen before my very eyes. Needless to say I was surprised at what happened ... Haven't seen you since "The Incident." We miss you!

Although, not like that room needs more drama! I just had a player threaten me last night while I was dealing. He said, "I am going to crack you." WTH does that even mean?!? All I know is that at the time it didn't sound like something I wanted him to do to me.