Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Am the Fish

Congrats again to The Wife for her 10th place cash in the big tournament. Once again, you prove that your tournament skills are light years beyond mine.


Omaha is not my best game, but I do love it. When I busted early from the tournament, the cash game started right up and it was dealers choice. There were several good players at the table and just enough newbies to keep it interesting. The newbies were easy to spot. Regulars bought in for $100 -$200 using $100 bills. Newbies bought in for $20 or $40. Sometimes with $1 bills.

The game is PLO8 with no cap. I'm on the button with AA34 suited in clubs. It's raised to $6 by the uber aggressor in early position and there are 4 limpers before it gets to me. Mistake #1 was not re-potting it here. Both blinds call.

Seven of us see a flop of 10s-8s-6c. Not the best flop for my hand. Blinds check. Uber dude bets pot. MP1 calls, MP2 calls all in. MP3 calls. Now it's on me. I have about $150 behind. There was $42 in the pot before the betting. Now there are 4 more bets of $42 each making the pot $210.

What do you do?


Bayne_S said...

Don't compound your mistake of not re-raising pre by chasing low half drawing to 2nd nuts.

Added note: Reraise pre in that game does not get people who have committed any money to fold

Heather said...

I call and pray, but realize that I am very behind to pretty much anything - I would assume the aggressor probably has A2 at least so you're drawing slim for the low; with 3 other people there's a high probability you have someone in there with a flush and someone in there with a straight or a straight draw (draw is a little more likely since there was no reraising).

Really, your only hope is for a back door flush draw or a two, and you're ducking a lot of cards.

But all that would change on the turn when it's not the best DRAW that has the advantage, but the best hand.

But I'm kind of a fish too; I bet Drizz would tell you to fold :)

MHG said...

CK's guide to PLO8 says you play for scoops, not for half-pots.

That said, I think you folded and would have scooped when the turn comes an ace and the river comes a ten.

Shrike said...

Insta-muck. And chastise yourself for not juicing the pot preflop.


BWoP said...

Booooo for not re-potting. Horrible flop for your hand. I'd fold.

WSOP Floor Supe said...

Fold as fast as you can after the missed raise opportunity. That is a terrible flop for your hand.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

What they said.

Drizztdj said...

But I'm kind of a fish too; I bet Drizz would tell you to fold :)

Yes, yes he would.

And note what Bayne said, you re-pot preflop for value, not to lose people like in NLHE as nearly no one folds preflop in big bet O8 after limping unless there's a shove for their stack (even then I could show you some beats I've taken from people calling with QJT2 rainbow for a stack preflop).

Given the action, one or two people will turn over A2. Aggressor probably has a set or a donk hand with 79 in it. Most certainly someone has A2 with spades.

A better question to ask here is: what are good cards to fall on the turn and river? A deuce locks you up for a split but with three callers ahead someone most likely has two pair or better and your aces are probably spent.

Fold and curse self for not repotting preflop.

Heather said...


DrChako said...

Heather, you are so mean!

Of course I called. Why else do you think I titled this post, "I Am the Fish."

The key piece of information was that one of the middle players called all in. It's possible everyone else is drawing, but he's either already there or has a bigger draw. As Drizz has said many times, Always Be Drawing in Omaha. I should write that on my arm.

After the call-fest, no one had enough money behind to play any defense. Everyone basically went all-in on the turn. No low came and a midling straight won the hand.

One of the recent QOTD was, "Learn from the mistakes of others. There isn't enough time to make them all yourself."

Learn from this one. Please.


Bayne_S said...

I forgot to ask if player on immediate right was one of the callers.

Did Patti win the pot? She played a gawd awful amount of middle cards in limit O8 cash game last month

Heather said...

Dr C - it would only have been mean if I hadn't admitted previously that I would have called too ;)

SirFWALGMan said...

yeah call and hope your 3 outter for half comes. Whee! Hey fuck you could catch an A for the hi too! WHEE! I do not like jamming in pre there either. AA24 might be a jamming hand but is AA34? I suck at PLO8 anyways so do not listen to me.

Drizztdj said...

Waffles -

ANY AA(plus a 2,3,4) and suited is a shove hand.

Just realize that you're probably only 60/40 favorite though, so put on your cup for the "beats" :)