Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another Interesting Hand

Had a profittable session again last night. I could get used to this. I tried to sabotage it by playing 4/8 while waiting for a 3/5 NL seat. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I was on my 3rd rack (or was it 4th?) before I got called.

Well, I got me seat immediately to the left of a very straightforward player who has a little wider range of preflop calling hands and is pretty much a calling station after that.

I have AQ UTG and raise to $20. Yes, you could make an arguement to fold or raise higher, but I chose $20. Deal with it.

One random MP caller and BB also calls $15 more. Pot is $63.

Flop: Q-3-3

BB checks. I bet $45. MP folds. BB flat calls. $153 in the pot. We are heads up.

Turn: 6

I lead out again for $80. BB thinks a while and flat calls again.

River: 3

BB checks again. What do you do?


SirFWALGMan said...

Might as well bet again he is not folding and probably gonna check behind you.

Shrike said...

So standard, Waffles can't read hands to save his life.

Pot is what, $313, and you started the hand with $500, so you have a lot behind. I'd bet for value, probably $130 (if you think he'll call more, bet more!). I never expect villain in the big blind to show up with KK+ or a 3, so at worst we're chopping with another queen, and most of the time we're extracting value from a smaller boat.


Anonymous said...

I think the only hand he could have that beats you is 66. I make a bet of 1/3 pot or so and hope he doesn't raise.

Shawn said...

I'd check and expect to split with another queen, which you had outkicked to this point.

You could make the argument for putting in a big bet to represent kings or aces and getting the queen to fold, but I don't see it happening often enough. And you can't ever represent a 3 here with the way it played out, so I don't see him folding an over pair. You could also try a small bet to squeeze a little more value out of a lower pair. But if you get checkraised you're going to be in a really tough spot.

I just don't think he folds any better hand here or calls enough with worse hands to make the case for betting.

Shawn said...

EDIT: I noticed that the player your in with is the one you described as a calling station post flop. That makes me lean toward the value bet a little more, but I'm still not sure I'd go for it.

F-Train said...

Smallish blocking bet that he can only check-raise with a 3 in his hand (very unlikely). You're chopping with another queen anyway, and this will get some value out of a hand like 88.

$80 sounds like the right amount.

KenP said...

OK, I'll be the woose here. I check. Nice pot. And you gave action like maybe he wanted. Opening the betting gives that A3s or whatever what he's laid in wait for.

Value betting can be dangerous at times. Been there and done that... Not only lost but needed plastic surgery for the scaring.

KenP said...

p.s. stack sizes aren't well covered. That assumed he had decent money still back.

Bayne_S said...

I think the lesson of your last few posts is not to fold a hand preflop that contains a 3

DrChako said...

Fear the power of the 3!

In this case, I was nearly 100% certain he had something like QJ or Q10. It's unlikely he gets this far with an underpair. I truly felt that him slowplaying a 3 would be nearly impossible here. He was wasn't that tricky. He also had a nice tell - after he checked, he reached for his hand to turn it over, assuming I would check behind. Again, not tricky enough to use this as a false tell.

I would make an argument here that this calls for some deliberation. With calling stations, I find that taking some time (actually deliberating or just seeming to) forces them to think about it, too. About 20 to 30 seconds is all that's necessary. If you are sure he's got the same hand, a bet big enough to get him to fold is worth it. Nothing to lose, and half the pot to gain.

Against this player, I didn't feel that any bet would have been large enough to get him to fold (he only had about $300 behind at this point), so I checked behind. Still, the thought process was worth it. If he has $1000 behind, this move has a lot more potential.


Unknown said...

I would have shoved there. It's very possible it would have scared him off. Probably not, but it looks like a bluff that way, which is conceiveable given the paired board to begin with.

Unknown said...

Checking behind is perfect here unless you are 100% sure on your read that he's not holding AA, KK, X3, or 66, and will call with any queen.

No sense throwing good money away just for a likely chop. You learn this the hard way playing split games ;)

Take the chop and move on.

SirFWALGMan said...

I sorta hate the check as it induces the shove from a good opponent.. I do like the jam idea if your sure it's a chop.. but CS does not fold also the value bet is ok.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wait....Peaker claims he shoves here? With TPTK, when you've already raised preflop (and got called), bet the flop (and got called) and bet the turn (and got called)?

Nice try, Dan.