Friday, November 13, 2009


I sat down last night in my new favorite place, Freddie's at Fife. They are getting a semi-regular 8/16 LHE game and there is a perfect mix of rocks, pros and idiots to keep it profitable.* There can also be a high variance.

My first buy-in was gone on the 3rd hand I played. No worries - he hit his set of 9s on the river when I flopped two pair with my AQ. I want him drawing all the way there.

Well, I had ordered dinner some time during my second hand. When it arrived (a nice appetizer of bacon wrapped shrimp with Bearnaise sauce - 1/2 price for poker players!), I decided to take an out button while I finished my meal. When it was done, I got up to wash my hands. Now keep in mind, there is no money in front of me. I told the dealer to hold my seat and I got up.

When I came back, my seat was still vacant, but the receipt for my dinner was gone. Had someone paid it? Odd, but whatever. I looked around for Diana (the hot waitress with the really impressive cleavage), but she wasn't around. As I was sitting back down, I noticed two huge security guys coming my way. I didn't think anything of it as I reached into my wallet for the next buy in.

I happen to glance up as I'm pulling out my cash. I see the guards. They see me. We freeze for a moment.


Just then, Diana comes back out of the kitchen. As she comes around the guards I asked her about the tab. She stammered something about not knowing if I was coming back. I was in disbelief!

I tipped her generously and went back to the game (finished up over $500 for the night).

And to think, I could have gotten away with it.

*Not sayin' which one is me.


BamBam said...

The asterisk may have made this post.


BWoP said...

maybe i shouldn't have offered to pay 'til you get here . . .

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AMANDA said...

That's great, thanks for making me laugh. Have a great week!

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SirFWALGMan said...

Ruined the hot chick shit for me... I mean I guess a lot of hot chicks are bitches but when you like spell it out then it is a turn off. Yeah yeah, I have turn offs, jeez.