Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thoughts on Veteran's Day

First off, I had an absolute blast on FT last night with blogger mixed games. We played a 7-game rotation with MHG, Penner, Matt C. and yours truly (sorry for the lack of linkage, but I'm in a rush. See the full write up here). Blogger mobneys are the best mobneys!

Now to answer a question I've received a couple times already. No, I did not know the Ft. Hood shooter personally. That said, the Army doctor community is pretty small, and I'm literally surrounded by doctors who knew and trained with him. There is no new insight I can add to what is already in the media - this just brings it home a little extra for me. It's especially disconcerting because I was stationed at Ft. Hood from 1987-1988 and I'm having flashbacks to a similar massacre out there in 1991.

Pres. Obama will be attending the services. Good. That said, he probably should be in Berlin. Instead he sent Hillary. That decision was made a while ago and it was a mistake. The military funeral will provide a nice cover as to why he isn't there in Germany.

Finally, as I've said many times before, I did not serve in the Army for 16 years for your thanks, but to those of you who have thanked me in so many ways, YOU'RE WELCOME!


Shrike said...

The next time there is a blogger mixed game going, tell me!


DrChako said...

Not entirely sure how to notify the masses. I just put a quick note on FB and people started showing up.


Shrike said...

Ah, FB. One type of social media that I steadfastly avoid. Heck, I'm a reluctant Twitter user at best ...


pokerpeaker said...

I say thanks with a book recommendation:

"Where Men Win Glory" by Jon Krakauer (sp probably). Now he's a God to me anyway, both because of what he writes but also how he writes it and he's a fantastic climber (and you may not know this, but I do that!). But it's a really good book about the Army in general and has some good insight in there.

Drizztdj said...

I'll say thanks.

Thank you for serving sir.

(and lemme in on the Mixed game goodness, especially on Thursday nights)

Sean D said...

Thank you for the service that you provided our country. I will not forget the sacrifices that you made for us.

You are a great man, flawed as we all are, but still a great man.